Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flamenco; an Englishman’s passion 2012
Author – Tony Bryant                                                  
Published by – Sol Y Sombre books
English author/writer Tony Bryant has recently signed a new publishing deal with Sol Y Sombre books; the publishing house of the recently formed Books4Spain.
To celebrate their new partnership Sol y Sombre books have released a new updated version of Tony’s first book Flamenco; an Englishman’s passion, which was first published by the Museo del Baile Flamenco in Sevilla.
Seven years have passed since this book first hit the streets, and the author states that when it became necessary to begin the revision of this book for this new edition, he was concerned that his basic ideas and views may have changed somewhat.  “Had the following years of maturing within the art of flamenco altered my opinion with regards to what I had originally written? I was pleased to see that my fundamental beliefs had not changed; if anything they are now even more strongly implanted with time and experience”.
Of all the minority musical forms, flamenco is different. In spite of what is commonly believed - that the dance is the pivotal endeavour, (as readers of this book will discover) flamenco can and does thrive without dancers, and indeed even without guitarists. Tony Bryant makes this point well, and also leads the reader elegantly from what is generally known as commercial flamenco to authentic cante jondo, with stops in between.  The book contains some very honest and self-deprecating accounts of Tony’s occasionally fraught attempts to get through the small door that leads to the garden where he wanted to be.
There have been other books by foreigners, usually Anglo-Saxons, who attempted to enter the flamenco world with various degrees of success: Tony’s book is different – mainly because he has been an intelligent spectator with a gift for drilling down into the history of this great art with a perception and an enthusiasm bordering on the academic – and possessing a sense of humor that sets him apart.
Flamenco; an Englishman’s passion is available in E-book and physical book form from  It will also be available from local books stores.
The author is also publishing a new book, in both English and Spanish, in April called Flamenco; A time-defying heritage/ Flamenco; Herencia del Tiempo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New edition of Flamenco; an Englishman's passion (published by Sol y Sombre Books) available in February; in both physical and E-book format. Check out Books4Spain

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another sad loss for the flamenco world