Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kindle & Epub format of Flamenco; an Englishman's passion

Books4Spain have now made Tony Bryant's fascinating book - Flamenco; an Englishman's passion - available in E-BOOK format. Buy your copy today for just 7:99, Kindle or ePub from

From the author.......
"If this book does only one thing for the readers, I hope that it helps them understand the difference between the traditional flamenco performed by non-professionals and the tablao-style flamenco."
The main reason behind the book was to inform English-speaking people who might have an interest in flamenco about the superb flamenco that exists in Andalusia.
 I believe that cante jondo has a future and it will not just die out and be pushed to one side by the commercial scene. Even though flamenco is not as much a part or a way of life as it used to be, there are those who still adhere to this way and if you are fortunate enough to experience it, you will understand why flamenco is so captivating and fascinating.
I do not profess to be an expert on the art of flamenco, just a passionate follower of it, and I have merely offered my personal opinions and preferences throughout this book.
Other aficionados must seek out the styles and artistes they prefer, because like all art, everyone sees something different in it.
Flamenco is not just a strange form of music, which to the unfamiliar sounds like the cries of death or the painful tones of a desolate race; it is a magical gift that has been bestowed upon the people of Andalusia.